Theoretical and practical initiation
in permaculture


Have you heard about permaculture and want to find out more?
Do you think that permaculture is just a way of growing vegetables? It is much more than that!
It is a philosophy that applies to every facet of your life and our society.
Come and discover the concepts behind this promising philosophy during a day of training at the Linciaux Farm.

You will learn about the theoretical foundations of permaculture and find out more about putting it into practice, particularly in the vegetable garden and on the farm.
What are those famous ‘self-fertilising mounds’ we hear so much about in permaculture made of?
What is good compost?
How do you attract beneficial insects to your vegetable garden?
How do you make fertiliser from nettles or comfrey?
All these questions will hold no secrets for you after this training day.

Information and practical details:

Pauline de Voghel – dietician – nutritionist

Pauline is certified in permaculture and is convinced of the fundamental link between the earth and the plate. She supports everyone whose desire is to make the transition to food that takes care of our health and takes care of nature. Permaculture is a great opportunity to become more aware of our essential link with the earth and living things.

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