Chickens – Coucou de Malines

The Coucou de Malines chicken is renowned for its exceptionally flavoursome meat. It is very popular with restaurateurs, but is also becoming increasingly popular with the general public.

Slow, low-temperature cooking produces a chicken that is both tender and juicy, with real flavour.

In order to be able to offer you these Coucou de Malines chickens on a regular basis, we have established a partnership with ‘La poule qui roule’, a farm located 15 km from our farm that complies with specifications to which we fully adhere.

The chickens mature in batches of no more than 200 maximum in a mobile henhouse set in the middle of the Condroz meadows. They grow for several months before ending up on your plate. They feed on organic grain, alfalfa from our farm and, of course, earthworms found in the soil.

An exceptional product!


In stock


Delicious when cooked at low temperature. A real treat for your taste buds!

Available at every meat sale. In 2023, the dates were: 7-9 September and 23-25 November.


How our "Coucou de Malines" chickens are reared

Our ‘Coucou de Malines’ chickens are reared in the open air in a meadow backing onto the farm’s vegetable garden. They are reared in batches of 150 chickens maximum.

As they grow, these chickens feed on small worms found in the soil and on organic cereals. Unlike conventional organic chickens, which are ‘ready’ in 81 days, the Coucou de Malines chicken grows slowly… very slowly.

We allow them more than 4 months to reach adult size and develop their delicious highly prized meat.

A unique rearing method

To obtain tender meat, we add cow’s milk to their feed during the last month of rearing. They love it… and so do we!

This method of rearing is unique!

In practical terms, we offer whole chickens at €15/kg. The approximate average weight of the chickens is between 1.5 kg and 2 kg.

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